Heated Blanket Recall Notice

October 29, 2020 2 min read

InvoSpa has become aware that some InvoSpa Electric Throw Heated Blankets, 50"x60" can pose a risk of fire and burn injury due to a problem in the controller. InvoSpa, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is issuing a recall of this product. All blankets with Model Number ML-G03 indicated on a tag attached to the blanket are included in this recall. See below. No other InvoSpa blankets are subject to this recall.

We are requesting that you stop using this product immediately and fill out this form (https://forms.gle/ZWy8M2Xfyk2y7PAn9) so that you can obtain a full refund. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team by sending an email to support@invospa.com or call 855-630-5993, 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Here is the official notice: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2021/InvoSpa-Recalls-Heated-Blankets-Due-to-Fire-and-Burn-Hazards-Sold-Exclusively-at-Amazon-com-Recall-Alert


Why is the InvoSpa Electric Throw Heated Blanket - 50"x60" being recalled?

We learned that some InvoSpa Electric Throw Heated Blankets - 50"x60", do not comply with federal safety requirements, thus posing a risk of fire and burn injury.

How to get the refund?

Please fill out this form: (https://forms.gle/RsoQsY5RvVDuPEtq8) and follow the instructions. You will be asked for:

1. Name (first and last)

2. Email (to contact you and let you know the status of your refund)

3. Paypal email address (needed to have refund issued)

4. Amazon order number for the product

5. A photo upload of the product destroyed by cutting into 4 pieces

When completed, hit the Submit button and you will receive an acknowledgement that your info was submitted.

Why PayPal?

Shaft Innovations is an international company located in the United Kingdom, and does not have accounts with U.S. banks making the issuance of refunds more challenging. The fastest method to get a refund is by using Paypal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

How to know that the heated blanket is for recall?

All InvoSpa Electric Throw Heated Blanket with Model Number: ML-G03 and Factory Code: DGCBHD7 are included in this recall.

Benyamin Nusair
Benyamin Nusair