How much does it weight?

Our Neck Massager weighs approx. 2.1kg (4.5 pounds) 

Is this product universal voltage (100V - 220V)?

Our Shiatsu Neck Massager comes with an adapter which can fit any electricity worldwide. The plug shape is American standard (2 flat pins).

How long does this Massager run for?

The Massager comes with a 15-minutes auto shut off safety feature. You can begin an additional 15 minutes session with a click of a button if needed. You'll find that you do not need more than 15-30 minutes. Your muscles will be relaxed by that time.  

Does this Massager come with Warranty?

Yes! If your product arrives with any manufacturing defects, please contact us through and we will replace your order right away.

How fast does the heat function kicks in?

For safety reasons, the heat is produced from light heat bulbs. It might take a few minutes to feel the heat if its the first session. For significant amount of heat, it's recommended to run at least 2 full sessions.   

How long does the shipping and delivery

Please allow for 1-2 days for your order to be processed.

Free Standard Shipping - Arrives in 3 to 5 Days.

Expedited Shipping $6.99 USD - Arrives in 2 Days.

Priority Shipping $9.99 USD - Arrives in 1 Day.