How many modes are available?

There are also 3 isolated compression modes which will help you customize your stress-relieving foot and calf massage experience. (Mode 1: Foot mode, Mode 2: Calf mode, Mode 3: Thighs mode)

Will it fit in different sizes?

This package INCLUDES leg wraps extensions that can make the leg massager fit on anyone's legs and arms, even swollen legs or just natural big size! The extension can add 7.5 inches on each side that will fit in any size.

Is this product safe?

YES!!! The InvoSpa Leg Massager is 100% safe to use.

What are the different types on intensity in this product?

The InvoSpa Leg Massager has 4 intensity levels to match the air pressure strength level that fits your relaxation need. Choose from low intensity, medium intensity, medium-high intensity and high intensity. We recommend using the massager starting from low intensity and then adjust to your comfortability from there.