Unsure how to use our leg massager?

In a seated position, pull the sleeves on your feet, calves, and thighs according to the markings, R/L, indicated on the boots and cables, for no more than 30 minutes at a time (two default 15-minute sessions) at a time. Allow it to rest for 15 minutes before using it again.

Massager not work?

Please note that our leg massager is a corded electric compression device, so it must be plugged in at all times to function. Make sure all the cords are connected properly according to the markings, L (for LEFT) and R (for RIGHT), and the power cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. If necessary, unplug and reconnect them again. After plugging it in, push the power button on the massager controller to get started.

Weird noise?

Anything more than a light hum when in use means there’s something wrong with your massager. Contact us via our ‘Submit a ticket’ section or email us at as soon as possible, and we’ll solve your problem right away.

Too soft/strong?

Wrap the sleeves neatly on your legs using the Velcro. Our leg massager has four levels of intensity. We recommend starting with the lowest one and building up to your desired level of intensity. If you find that the sleeves/boots are too tight/loose when in use, turn off the massager, let it deflate, and then reattach the Velcro according to your needs.

My legs/calves are really big, will this work for me?

Yes, you can adjust the leg massager easily using the Velcro, and if necessary, you can add the included extensions to expand the size of the wraps.

Unhappy with your purchase/Do you offer any warranty on this?

No worries, we have a 30-day return-for-refund policy and a one-year return-for-replacement policy. If any issues with our product, reach out to us via our ‘Submit a ticket’ section, or email us at, and a member of our customer service team will address your inquiry ASAP, within 12 hours from your request. Ensure you include your order number, full name, shipping address, and your issue.