Must the blanket laid out in a certain position in order to heat?

The heated area should always lie flat to prevent overheating. The warming product should never be folded, balled up or bunched in any way when in use. It may result in overheating and/or permanent wrinkling of the fabric.

Can it be washed in a Laundromat?

Never use commercial dryers at the laundromat, as that may be extra hot and could damage the wiring. Do not iron. Do not plug in until completely dry.

What is the maximum washing temperature?

A maximum of 104 degrees F / 40 degrees C is recommended.

Can fabric softener be used?

It is not recommended to use softener for fear that some ingredients are not mild. It may damage the heating wire/heating elements. A small amount of mild laundry soap of detergent is recommended.

Any healthy/medical precautions/warnings?

Yes, the following people should NOT use the heated throw blanket;
1. An infant
2. A child
3. An incapacitated or immobile person
4. A paraplegic
5. A quadriplegic
6. A diabetic
7. Any insensitive to heat such as person with poor blood circulation.

8. Anyone who cannot clearly understand the instructions and/or operate the controller.